Practice News

11th Nov 2021

Vaccination update

Thank you very much to everyone who has attended or contacted us regarding their Flu and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Covid-19 Vaccinations

We have been delivering Pfizer vaccinations from Welbeck Road and Glapwell Community Centre. The rules of what we are allowed to provide change frequently however currently we can offer you a vaccination (providing we have a scheduled delivery of vaccines) if you are:

  • Over the age of 12 and not yet received any vaccinations
  • In need of a second dose of your vaccine and are 8 weeks after your first
  • In need of a "third dose" because of your health conditions and are 8 weeks after your second
  • Eligible for a booster and are 6 months after your second dose
    • Boosters are for anyone:
      • 50 or over
      • Who has an underlying health condition, which makes them eligible for a flu vaccine
      • Who has had to shield at some point during the pandemic
      • Who lives in a care home or care setting
      • Is a frontline health or social care worker

As people become eligible we are sending out waves of text messages. These texts should let you directly book into us.

We are also phoning people however as you can imagine, phoning 1000+ people is a time consuming process whilst also running a flu vaccination programme and everyday GP services. 

If you are 6 months after your second dose and have not been contacted, please do contact us.

Flu vaccination

We have essentially used up our supply of flu vaccines this year and delivered approximatly 2800 doses. We have ordered further vaccines but do not yet have a confirmed delivery date for this. When these are delivered to us, we will be contacting people who remain eligible and are not yet vaccinated.

Home visit vaccinations

We are starting to work our way around people who need their vaccinations at home. This is a very time consuming process as each vaccination takes 25 minutes, due to travel time and the mandatory wait time of 15 minutes after the Pfizer vaccine.  

If you have registered with us for a home vaccination because you are completely housebound, we will get to you as soon as we can. If there is any way of you getting to surgery, for example with the help of a relative or taxi, we may well be able to vaccinate you sooner. Otherwise we will get to you as soon as possible.

We will call to confirm your vaccination time slot before visiting however if you confirm your time slot and then are out when we visit for your housebound COVID vaccine, we will not be able to visit you a second time.


More updates to follow when we know more


31st Aug 2021

International blood bottle shortage

As you may have heard on the news, there are national issues with supplies of blood bottles. We have received instructions to postpone a large proportion of blood tests until supplies improve.
Clinically extremely urgent tests need to go ahead for patient safety. However supplies are low and we have been given strict criteria to follow. We currently have no confirmation of when we will be resupplied or with how much.
Our GPs will be reviewing all booked blood test appointments for the next month over the Bank Holiday weekend. You will then be contacted from Tuesday onwards if regrettably we need to postpone your test. Please do not call us or reply to this message with personal or clinical queries, we will contact you in due course.
We apologise for the disruption and inconvenience this situation has caused, unfortunately this is out of our hands but we will do whatever we can to help.
Many thanks for your understanding
31st Aug 2021

New appointment system

Thank you for all of your understanding with the blood test issue at this time. More information is to follow when we know more. Our team are working through contacting everyone who meets the requirements for needing to be rearranged.

Today, we wanted to highlight our new appointment system. This starts on the 1st September (tomorrow morning). This is in response to requests from patients and feedback we have received.

We are aware it can be challenging to call us at 8am and there are sometimes long queues or engaged tones. We are still significantly busier than we would normally be at this time of the year. As such it really helps us to be aware of the number of patients requesting an appointment early in the day. This means we can plan which members of the team need to be available and when. Therefore we do need to keep the appointment request time as 8am but have added a much easier way for you to contact us.

From 8am to 9am, if you would like an appointment, please visit our website and click the Get an Appointment button in the centre of the page. Then enter your details in the appropriate form. It works on smart phones too and takes about 5 minutes.

Our reception team will then organise an appointment, most likely on the same day and contact you back. You can still call us instead of going online but essentially the reception team will be using the same web form as you so you can save your time by using the website.

At 9am we will likely be above our appointment capacity and the website form will be automatically deactivated until the next day. If you have an emergency that develops after 9am that you do not feel requires 999 or A&E then please call us to organise an emergency phone call where we are able.

As with any new system there may be some teething problems as we work out which areas need different resources. Please bear with us during this time and your patience is very greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

The Welbeck Road Health Centre Team

27th Jun 2021

Vaccination programme

We are now entering the closing phase for our involvement with the NHS vaccination programme. We are no longer receiving deliveries of the vaccine and are completing our second doses for those we have already vaccinated.

Second doses are happening at 8 weeks following the first so if you have not been given or booked an appointment and you are at or beyond 8 weeks, please contact us. A vast majority of the time the vaccination booking system works but in the rare event of something being missed, please contact us.

If you have not yet had a first dose of vaccine then please contact 119 or book online by Googling "get a COVID vaccination"