Clinics We Offer


Asthma Clinic

Our practice nurses run the Asthma Clinic, if you would like to attend this clinic please make an appointment by speaking to our Recption Team.

If you have been advised by the Practice to submit an annual review of your Asthma symptoms, please complete our form.

If you are unable to coomplete the form above, please contact our Reception Team.

If your symptoms are getting worse or you are having any concerns, please contact us.

a person having their blood pressure taken

Blood Pressure Monitoring

We offer a Blood Pressure Clinic at the Practice. If you would like to attend this clinic, please book an appointment by contacting our Reception Team.

a person taking their blood sugar level

Diabetic Clinic

All Diabetics who are not regularly monitored at the hospital will be invited to attend this clinic on a regular basis. 

Progress should be carefully monitored to reduce the long term risks associated with diabetes, such as heart disease and deteriorating eyesight. If you would like to attend this clinic, please contact our Reception Team to book an appointment.


INR Monitoring

We offer a clinic for monitoring patients who are taking Warfarin. Please contact the Practice and speak to our Reception Team to make an appointment.



Menopause – including HRT

We aim to provide information regarding all aspects of menopause and HRT. Patients can have their weight and blood pressure checked and discuss any concerns they have with the practice nursing team. If you would like to find out more, please contact the practice.

a close up of a heart model

Secondary Prevention Heart Attack

An appointment for an annual review will be offered to all patients who have angina or who have had a heart attack. The aim is to review the condition, optimise the treatment, and lower risk factors in order to prevent further illness.

a cigarette

Smoking Cessation

We advise all patients who are smokers to stop as soon as possible. For information on how to stop, visit our Stop Smoking page.

If you have been asked to submit a Smoking Review, please contact our Reception Team. 

a hand holding a cell phone

Long Term Condition Health Checks

Long Term Condition Health Checks, Health Screening and advice for all age groups, including the elderly, are available by appointment.

This service is can be provided through Home Visiting and at the Practice. To find out more, please contact our Reception Team.

Table with medical supplies

Well Person Clinic

These clinics are run by the Practice Nurses. 

The aim of the clinic is to advise on a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.

At these clinics we are able to offer blood pressure checks, weight advice and cervical smear testing. Please contact the Practice for more information.

two pregnant women

Antenatal Clinic


The practice provides a full antenatal and postnatal service. This involves shared care between the midwives, the doctor and the hospital.

The antenatal clinics are held at Welbeck Road Health Centre with Sue Hunter on the following days:

  • Tuesday afternoons for new bookings
  • Wednesday afternoons for routine appointments

If you would like to attend this clinic, please make an appointment.

Our health visitors like to make early contact with all antenatal patients.

A home booking service is also available; please discuss this with your midwife.

a baby

Babies & Children


Baby Weighing Clinic

Run by our Health Visitors at Welbeck Road Health Centre. This is open from 09:30 to 11:00. Please note the last baby weighing time will be 10:45.

Child Health

We undertake all primary immunisations of children ourselves and operate a recall system. Clinics are held in conjunction with our attached health visitors. For more information please contact the practice.


Joint injections

Patients should make an appointment with a GP to discuss any joint injections.

These include knees, hips, carpal tunnel, de Quervain's tenosynovitis, plantar fasciitis, and shoulders and thumbs.


Sexual Health Clinic

The Practice provides a full family planning service by appointment. This includes coil and implant fittings/removals and emergency contraception. Emergency contraception is a valid reason to ask for an urgent appointment.


Podiatry Clinic

We offer a Podiatry Clinic at Welbeck Road Health Centre. If you would like more information on the clinics, please contact the Practice and speak to Reception.

a person sitting at a table using a laptop

Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens advice staff are at the Practice on a Thursday morning. If you would like to access this service, please contact our Reception Team to make an appointment.