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No Doctor’s Appointment? No Problem!

Pharmacy First has launched in England. 

This means you can now access expert advice and prescription medication directly from a Pharmacist for 7 common conditions, eliminating the need to see your GP. 

The 7 conditions covered by the service are:

  • Earache - 1 to 17 years old. This service is not suitable for patients suffering with recurrent acute otitis media (3 or more episodes in 6 months or four or more episodes in 12 months)
  • Impetigo - 1 year and over. This service does not cover patients suffering from bullous impetigo or recurrent impetigo (defined as 2 or more episodes in the same year)
  • Infected Insect Bites - 1 year and over
  • Shingles - 18 years and over. This service is not suitable for pregnant individuals
  • Sinusitis - 12 years and over. This service in does not cover immunosuppressed individuals, or patients suffering with chronic sinusitis (sinusitis that causes symptoms that last for more than 12 weeks)
  • Sore Throat - 5 years and over
  • Uncomplicated UTIs in Women - Women aged 16-64 years. This service is not suitable for pregnant women, patients with a urinary catheter, or patients who have suffered from recurrent UTI (2 episodes in last 6 months, or 3 episodes in last 12 months)

For more information or to book an appointment with either local Pharmacies in Bolsover:


  • Head to Day-Night Pharmacy Bolsover (24 Townend, S44 6DT) or give them a call on 01246 822208

Pharmacy First

Our Mission Statement

  • We aim to be a patient centred surgery, striving to offer the best in healthcare
  • We aim to use local and national guidance to ensure fair and equitable use of healthcare resources
  • We aim to provide a good working environment where teamwork and staff are greatly valued
  • We want to ensure we have the skills and ability to optimise services provided to patients and allow for the natural growth of the practice
  • We aspire to demonstrate and maintain integrity in all areas, free from discrimination on any grounds
  • We are a training practice committed to delivering excellent care in tandem with supporting GPs in training to qualify as GPs