Training Practice

We are an experienced training practice and as such we have GP registrars and nursing trainees working with us. GP registrars are experienced qualified doctors who typically have been working in hospital and now wish to gain experience working in General Practice. You can see who our current registrars are by visiting the Meet the Team page, or by CLICKING HERE

Consultation and Communication Skills Training

As part of being a training practice, our registrars engage with consultation and communication skills training. This can take lots of forms but often involve senior doctors listening in or observing consultations. You will be made aware if this is taking place and absolutely have the right to decline having a second doctor present during your consultation.

You will be aware that we record all calls for training and monitoring purposes. However if a registrar is hoping to use a consultation specifically for training, they will need to obtain your explicit consent. This is done both before the consultation and after in case something is discussed during the consultation that makes you want to change your mind. Following the consultation you also have the right to remove that consent at any time, to do so, please just call us.

Occasionally a registrar may hope to video a consultation. Again this requires your explicit, signed consent both before and after the consultation. You also have the right to remove this consent at any time. 

On all occasions, confidentiality will be maintained and once a recording has been used for training purposes, it will be securely deleted.

You have the right to decline being involved in these recorded consultations and by doing so will in no way affect your consultation or treatment.